Spring to local park for free gym lessons




Make the most of Moreton Bay’s 406 fitness machines and gain free expert advice from qualified personal trainers when Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Spring in Your Step program returns this August.


Spring in Your Step introduces residents of all ages and abilities to the free gym equipment at their local park or reserve and, with experienced local trainers at the helm, provides personalised advice on specific exercises you can do on the equipment to help keep active.


Moreton Bay Regional Council Parks, Recreation and Sports Spokesperson Councillor Darren Grimwade said there would be more than 90 sessions on offer across 30 parks and reserves from all over the region.


“We have more than 400 free, easy-to-use, resistance-based fitness machines in Moreton Bay to help all residents keep active and achieve their recommended 30 minutes of daily activity,” Cr Grimwade said.


“Spring in Your Step is one of the best ways to familiarise yourself with the all-abilities equipment available in local parks and gain free advice from qualified trainers about the specific exercises you can do to keep healthy and active.”


Bookings for Spring in Your Step open Tuesday, July 25 with sessions running from August right through to November.


Go Mum! Group Fitness founder and head trainer Christine Percy will host a number of the sessions and said she was excited to share her advice on the benefits of adding outdoor fitness stations to your exercise routine and how to make the most of such equipment.


“People are leading increasingly busy lives, and the free equipment at your local park can become a very handy tool in your belt to help keep fit and active,” Ms Percy said.


“Through these sessions, I’ll be showing you just how easy it is to get not only yourself, but the whole family using your local park to keep healthy and most importantly, have fun.”


For more information or to book visit or phone 3205 0555.

July 24, 2017 |

Heroes recognised with bravery awards from the Royal Humane Society of Australasia

Kallangur Emergency Merit

Two Police Officers from the Brisbane region, Sergeant Ian Grafton and Senior Constable Robert Rafferty, along with a member of the public, Brian Keogh, received Certificates of Merit for their efforts in going to the rescue of the occupants of a school mini-bus stalled in floodwaters at Kallangur, on 1 May 2015.

At 3.30pm on 1 May 2015 there was flash flooding at Kallangur and a school mini-bus transporting 5 autistic children and 3 adults stalled in floodwaters. The mini-bus became stranded at a flooded intersection and was halfway across an expanse of water approximately 200m long.

Senior Constable Grafton and Rafferty were notified of the situation and together with Mr Keogh who had stopped to assist, waded alongside the guard rail of the intersection where the water was above knee height.

A utility was reversed into the floodwaters to reach the bus so the occupants could be ferried out of the floodwaters back to land. By this stage the floodwaters had risen to waist height for the rescuers standing in the flooded intersection.

Senior Constable Grafton instructed the adults on the bus to move the children forward to the side window where they were all moved onto the utility by Senior Constables Grafton and Rafferty and Mr Keogh. The utility was then driven out of the still rising floodwaters.

Kallangur Merit award

During the awards ceremony, which took place on Friday, the 21st of July, seven silver medals, fourteen bronze medals, and eight certificates of merit, were presented to Queensland Police Service officers by The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Councillor Graham Quirk.

The Royal Humane Society of Australasia, formed in 1874, publicly recognises acts of bravery by making awards to those who risk their own lives to save the lives of others. More than 8,450 awards have been made in the Society’s 142 years’ history.

July 24, 2017 |

Petrie past student will travel to China


KaelynStorey-768x665A Mt Maria College, Petrie past student will travel to China after being awarded a $3,000 Study Tour Grant.

The grant program is a competitive process with only twenty applicants awarded places.

The Principal of Mt Maria College, Petrie, Michael Connolly expressed delight when he heard the news.

“We are so proud of Kaelyn achieving this study tour grant, she is an inspiration for all our students,” Principal Michael Connolly said.

Currently studying a Diploma of Nursing full time at QUT Caboolture campus, Kaelyn is also working as an Assistant Nurse at a local aged care facility.

The study tour will take Kaelyn to Beijing and Jiamusi, where she will experience Chinese culture, traditional food, arts, visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and a variety of palaces and temples.

In preparation, Kaelyn will undertake basic language classes two hours a week in the month leading up to the trip.

“We will participate in lectures over three days on topics such as Chinese traditional medicine (acupuncture, manipulation and food therapy) and will also visit a traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Jiamsui,” Kaeyln said.

Graduating from Mt Maria College Petrie in 2016, Kaelyn had a clear route to her tertiary study pathway, a Diploma of Nursing.  She was able to gain early entry to the course through successfully completing a Certificate III in Aged Care while still at school.

Mr Connolly said there are multiple pathways available to tertiary study these days and encouraged students to explore the options available to them.

“Kaelyn is another great example of a successful graduate of Mt Maria College, Petrie,” Mr Connolly said.

“Kaelyn took advantage of one of the many alternative study pathways at the college which led her to tertiary study in her chosen field of nursing.”


Source: Mount Maria College News, Mount Maria College Petrie

July 18, 2017 |

Kallangur has its very own Hip hop song!





It is amazing what you find when you do research into your local community and what you find. Kallangur has a great mixture of people and we all as ‘K-Towners’ have our quirks.

Within this search I found a song written by ‘Jaded Cadence’ called – ‘Kallangur’
Here is the link to listen –


Kallangur’s Lyrics

I bust onto the scene, turn on my coffee machine,

I’ve got rhymes so fat,

that jenny craig would give my money back jack.

I spare a thought for the girl who makes it all worthwhile,

picking up the rythm –

now I’m picking up the style.

Zero four, zero five, three nine three, six double one:

You can call me on a saturday night, after my dominoes run.

Bring your mates and bring some dates and bring some beer, and bring some steaks;

’cause we’re gona have fun until the night is very late.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

“Where’s my snare? I need more snare in my headphones?”

You don’t need to drop beats

in a million dollar studio.,

you don’t even need a logical place for your flow to go,

you just need to make a track,

for your mates to sit in the front and the back

of the car, and just love life.

Listen to the music, let the trouble bounce away,

as your cruising round Brissy

or the Bruce Highway.

Mooroochy to the nNorth

or Cavill Ave to the South

Redcliffe to kTown:

Spread the word of mouth


Here is the following reflection by Jaded Cadence


The town…

You can call it what you want, kTown, Kallangur heights, Lang-Lang or Hungry Hill (as the original inhabitants like to call it), but it’s not going to change a thing. kTown is still a town on the old road to Gympie in the middle of nowhere, and now that the Bruce Highway has passed it by the poor town is even more crap.

Too many shops

Kallangur town has a big problem, and that is that even though the shopping malls built 20 years ago have never been filled with tenants, there’s still more new shops being built, I think there’s probably 1 shop for every 2 people in kTown that’s probably because people that live in Kallangur rarely go out, they just sit inside all day, and watch TV.

Kallangur Gangs

Koala beating gang

A bunch of losers go around K Town beating up Koalas, I mean WTF? What kinda town we in here? Koalas are like Australia’s most famous Animal, the other thing people do is actually beat the crap out of other peoples pets, I mean like dogs, cats and the like, they should probably let these kids into the pub, at least they’d be under the watchful eyes of bouncers.

Kallangarin Gang

People reckon there was a gang back in the 80’s and early 90’s that roamed kallangur and was feirce, if it is true they’re either in jail now or they are the tatooe’d 40 somethings that roam the streets between grinners and finnigans chin on their treadlys because they got done for DUI too much.

The cops

The cops are like a gang in Kallangur, and I don’t know why, there’s just something about them; you can expect that if you pass through Anzac Avenue any time between 11pm and 4am you’ll be pulled over and grilled, especially if you’re in an early model ride. If it’s not the asshole traffic branch with some obscure law he wants you for it’s some new recruit female copper trying to prove what she’s worth. Go away!

Almost every second house has been raided in kTown, it’s like some game, however they don’t catch real crime bosses, just kids without receipts for their rollerblades, because they are too busy to do any intelligent police work, or maybe they’re being paid, don’t know. Go away!

The song…

I was born in Kallangur, not what some people call Kallangur Heights either, real Kallangur, and despite all of the above, my mates and I have always managed to have fun, though normally on the drive out of there, aka the Bruce Highway… on the road to places like Redcliffe, Mooroochy, and Cavill Ave. Good stuff.


July 17, 2017 |

Search is on for Moreton Bay’s most fashionable recycler!

Search is on for Moreton Bay’s most fashionable recycler!



Lights, camera, action! The search is on for Moreton Bay’s most fashionable recycler, as Moreton Bay Regional Council launches its ‘Regional Recycler Competition’ for 2017, with the theme ‘Rescued Funky Fashion’.

With $4,000 in prize money up for grabs, schools and early learning centres (ELCs) across the region are being encouraged to tap into their inner Alex Perry or Coco Chanel, and create interesting and sustainable clothing and accessories fit for the runway, using discarded waste items from home and school.

To enter, schools and ELCs will need to film a short 2-3 minute YouTube video, showcasing their quirky creations with a fashion parade and brief explanation, and submit their video entry online between 10 July and 6 October 2017:

Council’s Waste Services Spokesperson, Cr Peter Flannery, said council’s annual Regional Recycler Competition was about getting kids thinking outside the box when it came to recycling and reusing.

“There’s plenty of ways kids can recycle or reuse items at both school and at home, and the Regional Recycler Competition is about getting kids thinking about sustainability in a fun and interactive way,” Cr Flannery said.

“With $4,000 in prize money up for grabs, it’s a fun way to not only learn about sustainability, but also potentially win some great prize money for your school that can be redirected into school facilities or programs.

“While many households in the Moreton Bay Region dutifully use their recycling bins, more than 176,000 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill last year – of which half could have been recycled or repurposed.

“By engaging our youngest residents, we hope to promote positive flow-on effects to recycling and waste minimisation not only at school, but also at home.”

Cr Flannery said through this year’s theme, ‘Rescued Funky Fashion’, council would be looking for the most creative and innovative wearable items, such as clothing, bags, hats or jewellery made entirely of used and unwanted items.

“There’s no limit to what kids can create or what materials can be used – from plastic bags, to old clothes, towels and manchester, coffee pods or plastic straws – the possibilities are endless.

“It’s all about using your imagination and having fun, while helping to create a sustainable culture in schools and ELCs across Moreton Bay.

“Just note recyclable items may be used, but make sure the outfit can be easily dismantled to remove the materials for recycling once no long required.”

The annual Regional Recycler Competition is part of council’s ongoing Community Waste Minimisation Program, which has engaged more than 90 early learning centres, primary and secondary schools, resulting in more than 83 per cent of education facilities in Moreton Bay auditing their waste practices.

The Program was recognised state-wide in 2016, taking out the ‘Community Award’ at the Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

Entries for the 2017 Regional Recycler Competition will open on Monday, 10 July and close Friday, 6 October 2017. Winners will be announced during National Recycling Week Celebrations from 13-19 November.

For terms and conditions or to submit your entry visit

July 17, 2017 |

Why the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo?

Kallangur Water Tower 01

Kallangur Water Tower 2017


Just like the striking plumage of the red-tailed black cockatoo, the water tower in Kallangur is instantly recognisable to those who know it. After a recent public vote, a nature-themed mural called “Symbiosis” is being painted on the Kallangur water tower. The design prominently features two species: the red-tailed black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) and the grass tree (Xanthorrhoea spp.). These species are valuable members of the south-east Queensland ecosystem. Red-tailed black cockatoos are scattered across mainland Australia. The water tower’s cockatoo is female – it has black barring on a tail tinged with orange and its black plumage is dotted with yellow on the wings, neck and head. Males, on the other hand, are completely black except for their bright red tail panels. These large parrots have a strong beak that is adapted to breaking open tough seed cases. They move between different environments to follow the food, often flocking after fires to feed on the freshlyliberated seeds of Australia’s fire-adapted flora. Since they nest exclusively in the large hollows that only occur in old eucalyptus and melaleuca trees, their ability to breed on cleared and built-up land is limited. Unfortunately, this means that suburban areas like Kallangur rarely see more than a fleeting glimpse of red-tailed black cockatoos. Grass trees don’t just have leaves that resemble grass; they’re more closely related to grass than they are to trees! They have a single trunk that is topped by a lush cluster of slender leaves. Their singular flower spikes reach metres tall and produce thousands of seeds. They grow very slowly, living for centuries, sometimes not flowering for years. Many species of grass tree are found around Australia. Almost all species are highly tolerant of fire; smoke even triggers some to flower. The plants have been invaluable to Indigenous Australians for both utility and sustenance, and provide food for many insects, birds and mammals. Like redtailed black cockatoos, grass trees might be hard to spot in Kallangur due to habitat loss. A good place to see them, however, is at Deception Bay’s Freshwater National Park. The new water tower mural displays two Australian species that can no longer thrive immediately locally. The red-tailed black cockatoo and the grass tree depend on natural processes and habitats that are often sacrificed for urban development. In this context, the mural could represent a conservation aspiration: one day, with enough understanding and hard work, we might cultivate the right local environment to again attract and nurture these special species in Kallangur.

By Charlotte Liehr

July 17, 2017 |

Dakabin station set for accessibility upgrade!

Dakabin Upgrade Kallangur 02

Dakabin Upgrade Kallangur


The Palaszczuk Government announced on the last Thursday of June an upgrade to Dakabin train station. A project no doubt set to improve accessibility, parking and security in response to significant growth in the region. Speaking from Dakabin station Acting Minister for Transport Steven Miles said the $30 million upgrade would be welcome news for the Dakabin community. “This is the number one thing Shane King and I have worked on these last few months. “I’ve talked to so many people who said this was the number one thing they wanted fixed. “I’m really pleased to be able to deliver these funds to make this Dakabin a modern, functional, accessible station,” Mr Miles said. “After all it is a key station on the Queensland Rail network, with around 7,339 customers and 650 services using it each week. “At this early stage, the Dakabin station upgrade is projected to cost up to $30 million but we anticipate the costs could be lower as we move the detailed design and tender phase. “I want to congratulate Shane King, and all the local campaigners who helped make this happen.” Member for Kallangur Shane King said the project was a win for the community. “I have been fighting for this upgrade and I’m delighted our government will deliver it for our community,” Mr King said. “The upgrade will provide more customers with easier, seamless access to rail services and boost the local economy. “It will support around 250 jobs for Queenslander’s in the construction industry, including trades like electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing, labouring, roofing, glazing and traffic control. “The project is likely to include a new footbridge with lifts, raising platform sections to provide easier access on and off the train and a range of other accessibility features, such as hearing aid loops. “The project will also provide increased parking for customers, new bus infrastructure and improved security features, such as upgraded lighting and CCTV.” “We will ensure the local community is kept well informed of the project’s progress as we move through the planning, design and construction phases.” Design and engineering work will begin immediately, with the concept designs to be publicly released in early 2018. This project is a complex, comprehensive upgrade which needs to include detailed engineering design and planning requirements to ensure the station can remain operational during construction so customers can continue to access services. It is anticipated that this project will be fully completed, including detailed design, tender and construction, in 2020.

July 17, 2017 |

Moreton Bay Regional Council has unveiled its 2017/18 budget for Division 7

2017 Budget Division 7

Budget 2017 Budget Division 7 Kallangur K-Town



Moreton Bay Regional Council recently unveiled its 2017/18 budget for Division 7, announcing road upgrades, flood mitigation projects and future planning for local roads and parks, as well as a safety upgrade for the Dohles Rocks Road interchange.

Division 7 Councillor Denise Sims said $650,000 had been allocated for traffic flow improvements and signalisation at the Old Gympie Road and Boundary Road intersection at Dakabin and Narangba, while $400,000 would be invested in planning and preparation works to upgrade the Brays Road and McClintock Drive intersection at Murrumba Downs.

Cr Sims said a further $4.35 million would be invested in this year’s budget to begin works on the Dohles Rocks Road interchange at Murrumba Downs and improve safety for motorists travelling from and onto the Bruce Highway.

“Following recent incidents in our community, I have also worked hard to ensure this budget includes new safety infrastructure for Ann Street, Kallangur including bicycle awareness zones, pedestrian refuges and islands,” Cr Sims said.

“Beeville Road at Petrie will receive a $200,000 boost in this budget to improve the road’s alignment with the Dayboro Road roundabout as well as beautification works and a zebra crossing.

“A further $2.1 million will be invested in road resurfacing projects throughout the division including Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Petrie and Dakabin.

“I’m pleased to also announce that council will commit $320,000 to valuable stormwater and flood mitigation projects.

“This includes new stormwater infrastructure for Armstrong Street, Brewster Court and Rochelle Court at Petrie, and funds for initial works on a major drainage upgrade along Anzac Avenue near Petrie Station.

“These are projects that help ensure our communities are better equipped in times of severe weather.

Cr Sims said the 2017/18 budget would also see council invest $180,000 develop the Blatchford Sporting and Recreation Reserve at Murrumba Downs and $400,000 for upgrades to:

  • Ballard Park, Dakabin;
  • Jim Akers Park, Kallangur;
  • Gordon Jackson Park, Petrie; and
  • Baybreeze Park at the Northquarter Estate, Murrumba Downs.New dog off-leash areas will also be established at Penson Park, Kallangur and Reg Dickens Park, Murrumba Downs.“$300,000 has also been allocated to complete construction on the new Moreton Bay SES headquarters at Ogg Road.

Cr Sims said to continue meeting growth in the community, council would this budget invest $2.6 million towards the Dakabin Waste Management Facility, which would continue to provide free tipping for residents.

Cr Sims said she was also pleased to join the Mayor and her fellow councillors in also announcing a $40 million commitment towards civil works at the Mill at Moreton Bay project to help transform the site into a major university campus, community and business precinct.

“It’s an investment in future generations.”

MBRC Release –

Friday, 2 June 2017

July 17, 2017 |

A local lady in a wheelchair was left stranded at Kallangur Train Station.

Passengers fed up

A local lady in a wheelchair was left stranded at Kallangur Train Station recently. The lift from the platform to the ground level failed to function. With no alternative option it left the lady stranded for half an hour on the platform.

A Queensland Rail passenger says she and others with disabilities are fed up with having to call before they travel to check they will be able to access train platforms. There are some stations where passengers can only access the platforms using lifts, which commuters said were regularly broken and out of use. Some passengers with disabilities said they had been told to call the station before arriving, but if they arrived to find the lifts did not work, they were forced to travel to another station. The complaints came after a woman in a wheelchair was left stranded in a Brisbane rail yard last week after Queensland Rail guards forgot to help her disembark from a train.

July 16, 2017 |

A call for more schools in the Moreton Bay Area.

Call for Schools in Moreton Bay

Call for Schools in Moreton Bay




Parents of Mango Hill, Griffin, North Lakes and the Moreton Bay area are calling for Education Queensland to purchase land for a new high school in the area due to rapid growth in the region. A Building QLD report stated the capacity­ of existing State High Schools in the area was not adequate to meet future enrolment demand. North Lakes State College have over 2900 students from First year to Year twelve, with a capacity up to 3900. Murrumba State Secondary College have over 1200 students with a capacity of up to 1600. Chris Whiting MP noted the call for a new high school had been raised a number of times.

July 16, 2017 |

End’s 100th Birthday at Emilio’s Cafe

Emilios Cafe I Love K-Town

Emilios Cafe I Love K-Town


A BIG Thank you to all the customers who either sent their wishes or came to the cafe for Edna’s 100th Birthday. It was an honour to have her there. We had our State Member Shane King MP, Louise Winton our local musician, Letters from the prime minister, a Royal letter from Her Majesty the Queen! Also a few of our customers came to say Happy Birthday. Thank you to all who involved. The Queensland Premier was also invited at the last minute but could not make it. We made it a Special day. Gary got up to his usual tricks and ended up doing a little performance which someone caught on camera. No more to be said. I’ll stick to serving. Happy Birthday once again Edna. Gary.

July 16, 2017 |
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