Heroes recognised with bravery awards from the Royal Humane Society of Australasia

Kallangur Emergency Merit

Two Police Officers from the Brisbane region, Sergeant Ian Grafton and Senior Constable Robert Rafferty, along with a member of the public, Brian Keogh, received Certificates of Merit for their efforts in going to the rescue of the occupants of a school mini-bus stalled in floodwaters at Kallangur, on 1 May 2015.

At 3.30pm on 1 May 2015 there was flash flooding at Kallangur and a school mini-bus transporting 5 autistic children and 3 adults stalled in floodwaters. The mini-bus became stranded at a flooded intersection and was halfway across an expanse of water approximately 200m long.

Senior Constable Grafton and Rafferty were notified of the situation and together with Mr Keogh who had stopped to assist, waded alongside the guard rail of the intersection where the water was above knee height.

A utility was reversed into the floodwaters to reach the bus so the occupants could be ferried out of the floodwaters back to land. By this stage the floodwaters had risen to waist height for the rescuers standing in the flooded intersection.

Senior Constable Grafton instructed the adults on the bus to move the children forward to the side window where they were all moved onto the utility by Senior Constables Grafton and Rafferty and Mr Keogh. The utility was then driven out of the still rising floodwaters.

Kallangur Merit award

During the awards ceremony, which took place on Friday, the 21st of July, seven silver medals, fourteen bronze medals, and eight certificates of merit, were presented to Queensland Police Service officers by The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Councillor Graham Quirk.

The Royal Humane Society of Australasia, formed in 1874, publicly recognises acts of bravery by making awards to those who risk their own lives to save the lives of others. More than 8,450 awards have been made in the Society’s 142 years’ history.

July 24, 2017 |

Get to know your State Candidates for the Seat of Murrumba

Seat of Murrumba Kallangur Magazine

Steven Miles

Steven Miles for Murrumba – ALP

Steven Miles is the Queensland Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef.

He will contest Murrumba at the next election, which includes Mango Hill.

Steven and his wife Kim know how hard it can be sometimes to raise a family and get ahead. They are raising their three children Sam, Aidan and Bridie.

Like every Minister in the Palaszczuk government his focus is on creating jobs for Queensland and making sure we have the best state schools and hospitals.

As a Senior Minister he is making sure Mango Hill has a strong voice at the highest levels of government, including millions of dollars worth of new classrooms.

He is a big supporter of the Petrie Mill University project,  for the jobs it will create and so that kids who grow up here like he did can access a university education.

As environment minister Steven is making sure mining companies protect the environment and rehabilitate land once they’re done, protecting taxpayers from being left with the bill.

He is also introducing a cash for containers refund scheme to get litter off our streets and out of our waterways.

And as the first Minister for the Great Barrier Reef, Steven has secured record funding for projects that clean up the reef. Just recently the World Heritage Centre released a draft decision to keep the Reef off the ‘in danger’ list thanks to Queensland’s efforts.

Reg GulleyReg Gulley for Murrumba – LNP

Jason Kennedy for Murrumba – Greens

I’ve lived locally with my wife in the Moreton Bay region for over twenty years. It’s my home and we love living here raising our three daughters in this vibrant community.  

The next state election where I will contest the seat of Murrumba provides an opportunity to address inequality, urban sprawl, losses in biodiversity, highlight climate change concerns, raise people’s concerns about the cost of essential services like water and power, and to work to improve the liveability and equality of our community.

My children attend school in our community, I am pleased to be involved in activities at their primary and high schools. I currently serve as President of the Dakabin State High P&C Association while also being an active member of North Pine Residents Association, Pine Rivers Climate Action Network, Petrie Bush Care, Koala Action Inc., Pine Rivers Koala Care, and the Kallangur Business Association. Our community organisations and volunteers fill valuable roles in our community, however sadly many of our groups are reporting that they feel there is a lack of consultation, representation and meaningful action from our elected representatives at a local, state and federal level.

Having worked in and around Moreton Bay region in the retail industry for over two decades, and now owning my own business, I’m uniquely aware of the challenges that small business owners face in our community.  I’m passionate about small business and want to make sure the Queensland Parliament makes laws that strike a balance between economic prosperity and enriching our communities.

 The growth of south east Queensland suburbs is leading to a loss of significant areas of habitat and placing undue burden on native wildlife, particularly our precious koalas. We need a strong state vegetation management plan to preserve the last remaining areas before the extinction of the state icon becomes a reality. The old parties are abandoning their community supporters because they place donations from property developers and big business ahead of our community. I share the anger our community feels when we see that politicians are no longer working for us.  

Queenslanders have waited too long for a government to pursue an aggressive integrated public and active transport agenda in our state, creating an effective network of trains, buses, bike ways and footpaths. Only by prioritising public transport investment will we reduce the numbers of cars, relieving congestions and improving safety on our local roads.

Dakabin train station has had a replacement plan in circulation since 2006 to cope with the increase in population, yet our government has not delivered for residents. In fact, the station is still not on the priority list despite having no running water, toilets or disability access. Public transport needs to be accessible and affordable, linking suburbs to stations with safe and well maintained bike and walking paths and adequate parking.

Our state’s assets should be managed by the government for the benefit of the entire community. Both old parties in Qld have resorted to privatisation to cover poor economic management. The Queens Wharf precinct is the state’s largest privatisation you’ve never heard of, I share the public’s frustration with how ten percent of the Brisbane CBD can be given to private developers with no community consultation or disclosure of even the basic economic modelling of this privatisation by stealth. This project has seen LNP and ALP taking almost a quarter of a million dollars in donations from a private developer. So much for transparency and accountability for our government.

I joined the Greens because they put people before profit and support investing in our schools, community infrastructure, essential services and looking after the environment that makes our state such a great place to live. Grassroots participatory democracy is something I value greatly, so please get in touch if you want to be part of a new way to do things around here. I’m immensely proud to stand for the Greens in Murrumba this Queensland election and to continue working with the people and organisations in our strong vibrant local community.

Scott DareScott Dare for Murrumba – One Nation

G’day, my name is Scott Dare and I am very proud to be the One Nation Candidate to represent the people of Murrumba. I’m a 35 year old married bloke with 3 great kids, working fulltime with the same company for 12 years now, and have never been a Politician before.

I decided to offer my services to the people of QLD and Murrumba because I am sick and tired of seeing our taxpayer dollars go to waste with limited benefit to us Queenslanders. QLD should be an economic powerhouse, and we at One Nation have the policies to get us there.

From speaking to people in the community so far there is one thing that’s clear, the major parties have lost their way and are not putting the best interest of the people first. They are saying and doing whatever they think will get them re-elected – and people are telling me they are fed up with it. Politicians are meant to work for the people, but somehow that has been lost over the past few decades and the career Politicians of today seem to think that we work for them. No more!! I’m going to be a new breed, and I am going to set the bar as to how Politicians are meant to work for their communities.

We have too many politicians in this country, ripping us taxpayers off with draconian entitlements and pensions.

One Nation have many common sense policies on our website that have been developed based on what people have been telling us. Please check them out at and please come back to me with anywhere you think we are going right, or where you think we can improve. I will always respond to you personally, and we will always put people before politics.



Shane King for Kurwongbah – Current MP for Kallangur – ALP

Allan Cook for Kurwongbah – LNP

Karen Haddock for Kurwongbah – One Nation

My name is Karen Haddock and I am the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate for the electorate of Kurwongbah. I am a local School Teacher, mother and resident of the area since 2006.

I have had a variety jobs including Police Officer, Accountant, Financial Planner andI am currently a Primary School Teacher.  I have a few University qualifications including Bachelor’sof Arts and Commerce as well as a Graduate Diploma in Education.   I completed my studies whilst working full-time so I’m no stranger to hard work.

I first became politically aware through my own experiences and observations of how difficult life has become for average people.  The cost of living continues to escalate whilst pensions and wages have flatlined.  Job security is all but gone and unemployment is at epidemic proportions.  Drug use, violence and crime continue to rise as does our suicide rate.

Our community is sick because people have been left behind.  We have stopped protecting our own.  We let our industries die so that we could appease global interests and now we can’t find the “jobs” that all political parties now acknowledge we need so badly.

I believe that it is human nature to want to contribute and denying that opportunity is what causes the majority of our social ills.  I’m committed to turning this around as being a mother and a teacher I need to see a better future for the next generation.

Reducing red and green tape for small business is one key to creating jobs.  A generously financially supported apprenticeship scheme will help young people get valuable skills and assist employers to expand and prosper.  A buy local policy for government purchases and contracts will further enhance prosperity for Queenslanders.  Anything is possible with the right intentions.  My intentions are to put local people first.




July 16, 2017 |

Griffin Welcomes First Retail Precinct

Griffin's first retail precinct I love K-Town Magazine
Griffin's first retail precinct I love K-Town Magazine

Griffin’s first retail precinct I love K-Town Magazine

Griffin’s first retail precinct is entering the final stages of construction, it is currently seventy-five percent complete with an expected completion date in September, weather permitting.

A host of exciting retailers are already locked in, including a combined 7-Eleven petrol station and convenience store, Anytime Fitness, Griffin Pizza, BWS, TSG and Cafe 63, which includes a drive-through lane for an express coffee service.

Only one tenancy remains available for lease in a prime location adjoining 7-Eleven. Property Developer Bluepoint Director Marcus Dore expects that it will be leased in the very near future.

The precinct is conveniently located on the corner of Tesch Road and Brays Road which Council is also currently in the process of uprgading in conjunction with the State Government.

The upgrade will cater for residential growth in the area as well as improving the safety aspects for children, parents and staff who access Griffin State School.

The project will involve adding traffic signals, road lighting, traffic signage, concrete pathways and landscaping, as wells as road and drainage works, relocation of a bus bay and line marking. The upgrade is expected to be completed this month.

Griffin will also be welcoming approximately one hundred and eighty new residents in the first quarter of 2018 who will reside in Hampton Green, a new residential complex also being built by Bluepoint Property. Sixty villas are nestled around central parkland, directly north of the retail precinct. The villas are already sold out.

July 16, 2017 |

UPDATE on precautionary boil water alert for Petrie residents


Petrie residents advised to continue to boil drinking water.

The precautionary boil water notice from Unitywater and Seqwater remains in place today as further testing of the water continues.

The precautionary notice was issued yesterday following an issue at the Petrie water treatment plant. A valve failed during testing, resulting in water that may not have met Australian Drinking Water Guidelines entering the network.

The health and wellbeing of our customers and the community is our highest priority and we are taking this very seriously.

Unitywater continued to flush mains in the area overnight and monitored improvements in water quality.

Unitywater expects water quality results at about 3.30pm today and will liaise with Seqwater and Queensland Health before updating affected customers.

Schools in the affected area are being supplied with either tankered or bottled water, and we continue to work with the Department of Education and Department of Health.

Unitywater has provided free bottled water to affected residents at the Petrie water treatment plant, located at the western end of Woonara Drive (off Dayboro Road), Petrie. We will continue to do this until the boil water alert is lifted. We encourage customers who urgently require drinking water and are elderly or have special needs to contact us on 1300 086 489.

Unitywater would like to thank our customers and the community for their patience and understanding while we work through this incident.

This precautionary boil water alert will stay in effect until Unitywater and Queensland Health are confident there is no public health concern. Regular updates are being provided to affected communities through the media and social media channels.

Until advised otherwise we suggest that residents in the affected area boil their water. Consuming unboiled drinking water could lead to illness, especially for vulnerable people (e.g. those who are very young, elderly or immune compromised). If you are concerned about your health contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), your local doctor or local hospital and advise them of your concerns.

Residents should use cooled boiled water or bottled water for:

  • drinking
  • brushing teeth
  • washing and preparing food or beverages
  • preparing baby formula
  • making ice
  • bathing infants.

Unboiled drinking water can be used for:

  • showering and bathing other than infants (but minimise water in the mouth)
  • washing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher, provided dishes are air-dried
  • washing clothes
  • flushing toilets.

Residents should bring drinking water to a boil and then allow water to cool before using it or storing it in a clean, closed container for later use.

Kettles with automatic cut-off switches are suitable for producing boiled water. Variable temperature kettles should be set to boil.

Residents are urged to share this alert with neighbours and friends.

For more information visit or phone 1300 0 UNITY (1300 086 489).

June 6, 2017 |

Voting opens to public for Water Tower theme


A community consultation was held late last year to determine the public’s opinions on themes for the painting of the town’s water tower.

Voting opened this morning, with three themes to choose from: an ANZAC theme, ‘Larger than life’, a trees, plants and wildlife theme, ‘Symbiosis’ and a Kallangur’s past, present and future theme, ‘Growth’.

ABOUT THE DESIGN – ‘Larger than life’

Anzac-themeLarger than life was created in response to the community’s request for a design that represented an Anzac theme.

The artwork acknowledges the sacrifices made by service men and women were acts that stretched beyond the scope of their own lives. The legacy of these immeasurable sacrifices has afforded us with a bright and hopeful future.

The design depicts two young children, on the Dohles Rocks Road side of the tower, one child plays with a Spitfire airplane flown by the RAAF in World War 2, of particular significance in this area due to the crash at Young’s Crossing.

On the Anzac Avenue side of the tower a young child reaches down to pick a red poppy, a symbol of reverence.

The work is about unity and balance; while one child uses their imagination to look to the sky with a spirit of adventure, another contemplates the environment at ground level.

For a bright future to be dreamed about a grounded acknowledgement of the past is necessary.


ABOUT THE DESIGN – ‘Symbiosis’

Trees-plants-wildlife-themeThis design was created in response to the community’s request for a design which showcases the region’s trees, plants and wildlife.

The design, called Symbiosis, recognises that the health of any of natural environment requires a delicate balance of elements to be working in a symbiotic relationship.

The work depicts a bush setting featuring the grass tree that is abundant in the area and traditionally used to start fires. Over-head a black cockatoo soars across the top reaches of the tower, signifying imminent rain.The elemental forces of fire and rain work together to maintain the health of natural environment.

Metaphorically the work references the current state of regeneration that is occurring in the region with the new rail link and university developments. As in nature, the community working together will prosper and thrive.



Past-present-future-themeThis artwork, called Growth, portrays a sense of nostalgia for the past and an optimism for the future.

The imagery of the tree is central to this design, from the trees planted along Anzac Parade, to the timber at the old Paper Mill, and the palm tree planted by William Leis at the base of the water tower where his house once sat.

The man planting the tree at the base of the tower represents a nurturing and grounding presence for the area, recognising that past generations worked hard to provide the foundations for Kallangur’s future.

The boy above has climbed to the upper reaches of the tree’s branches symbolising Kallangur’s ‘present’. His gaze is fixed on an unknown but optimistic outlook in the distance – the future of Kallangur.


Cast your vote here.

Voting is open to residents and business operators of Kallangur, Petrie, Dakabin and Murrumba Downs. Voting closes 5pm on the 14th of May.

Unitywater has engaged not-for-profit public art installation agency, Jugglers Art Space to paint a reproduction of the design and project manage the installation, artist involvement and community participation.  This ensures the many OH&S elements of the project are addressed and the necessary graffiti prevention strategies are delivered during the installation.

The reservoir artwork is expected to be completed in June 2017, weather permitting.

May 1, 2017 |

Police appeal to public for information on the serious assault, Petrie



Detectives investigating the serious sexual assault of a 24-year-old Polish woman in Petrie last year are appealing for two people who called Crime Stoppers anonymously in the past fortnight with vital information on the case to speak with police again.

“Within the past fortnight, we’ve received calls from two different people with information nominating the same person of interest in relation to the assault at Petrie last year,” Detective Acting Sergeant Ford said.

“We really need them to make contact with police again so investigators can ask them further questions to progress the investigation.

“Their information is very important to the case and they can still remain anonymous.”

Detectives investigating the serious assault of a 24-year-old Polish woman in Petrie last year are continuing their appeal for public assistance.

The woman sustained serious facial injuries during the incident in the car park of a council complex near the intersection of Dayboro and Beeville roads around 8.30pm on Friday, November 25.


Additional inquiries have revealed she was sexually assaulted during the incident.

The woman was transported to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where she underwent surgery for her facial injuries which included a broken nose. She has since returned to Poland.


Investigators are focusing their inquiries on a distinctive belt buckle with a religious symbol (similar to that pictured) located at the scene.

They are also working to identify three people captured on footage in the area at the time who may hold valuable information.


Police have released new CCTV footage of a man who is seen riding a bike alongside a light brown dog with white markings (pictured).


Two other people seen in the area are also yet to be identified including a motorcyclist and a woman wearing a black top and carrying a black bag (pictured).


Anyone who may recognise the belt buckle, the people depicted in the footage or have any other information regarding the case is urged to contact police.

January 24, 2017 |

Dakabin Rail Station – Have your say


Opinions are sought from the Community on the possibilities of upgrading or moving Dakabin Station.

There are two remaining Community Consultations for local residents to express their opinions regarding the Dakabin Station.

Mon, 23 Jan 6pm – 8pm Pine Rivers Golf Club, 245 Narangba Rd, Kurwongbah
Wed, 25 Jan 1pm -3pm North Pine Sports Club, Bob Brock Park, Marsden Rd, Dakabin

The Queensland Government commissioned an analysis report into the challenges facing commuters and residents. You can read the report here.

Shane King, State Member for Kallangur, has undertaken a mobile office and run his own survey of residents.”Since launching my Dakabin Station community survey in October of last year, I received over 400 responses from residents and commuters. The feedback has overwhelmingly reinforced my view that we must address challenges surrounding disability access, parking and amenities.”

Shane King, State Member for Kallangur, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland and Stirling  Hinchliffe, Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Games consult at the Dakabin Station.

“The remaining community consultation sessions are an opportunity for residents and commuters to place on record their strong desire for change”, he said.

Feedback on this issue is currently open until the 31st of January. “When the community consultation period concludes, I will meet with the relevant agencies around the results and will be strongly lobbying for improvements.”

“Residents and commuters can rest assured that they will find no candidate in the upcoming State Election that will advocate for improvements to this station more than me”, Mr King has said.

Email your feedback to

January 21, 2017 |

Plan ahead for Australia’s biggest BBQ day


Queenslanders are encouraged to plan their journey before travelling to enjoy the festivities on Thursday, 26 January.

TransLink spokesman Miguel Holland said there would be some public transport timetable changes for the weekday public holiday.

“We know many people traditionally celebrate the day by catching up with friends and family or attending one of the many events on offer,” Mr Holland said.

“Most of TransLink’s South-East Queensland’s bus, train, ferry and tram services will operate to a Sunday/public holiday timetable. CityGlider services will also be running reduced services on Australia Day.

“To help ensure you have an enjoyable and safe day out, plan your journey and visit and use the journey planner or phone 13 12 30, anytime to find the most suitable service.”


Mr Holland said regional service timetables may also vary on Australia Day while many qconnect services may not operate at all. He encouraged customers to check the TransLink or qconnect websites or with your local operator for detailed information on planned timetable changes.

“Australia Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate all that is great about our country – so plan ahead to ensure your day goes smoothly and safely and catch public transport to and from your event.”

Standard public transport fares and conditions will apply for services throughout the day.

For more information on South-East Queensland service changes on Australia Day visit, or phone 13 12 30.

To view qconnect timetables or to plan your trip visit

January 20, 2017 |
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