Seven Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Parks


A daily trip to the local dog park should be something that both you and your pooch should enjoy. A time for bonding and a chance to show them just how much you love them by letting them get out of the house and run free. It can be, however, be a nightmare when other owners aren’t as cafeful and courteous as you are. Below are a few things that everyone can take on board to keep the local dog parks a fun, carefree environment for all.



Never bring a puppy less than four months old to a dog park. Their vaccinations aren’t yet complete and they are susceptible to disease such as parvo. Also never bring male dogs that have not been desexed as they may be aggressive towards other males. Leave female dogs that are on heat at home as they will cause chaos between both male and female dogs.


Always keep a good eye on what your pooch is up to. You never know what they may be eating or doing. With a rise in baiting in local dog parks always check the area for anything that may look tasty to a dog.


Never bring a dog to an off leash area without first giving them basic training. Simple commands such as come, sit and stay are crucial if anything sinister is to go down. If your dog is untrained you may not be able to gain control and you, your pooch or even others may end up getting injured.


If you know that your dog is antisocial, keep them on a leash. Whether you have a little dog with big dog syndrome or a big dog who just doesn’t get along with others, it’s not ok to let them off leash. If they become aggressive, remove them from the area. If aggression leads to injury, your pet might be seized or euthanized and you could cop a fine.


Enjoy the outdoors and don’t miss any of the super cute things your dog does. If you have your eyes glued to your phone you may also risk missing your dog being bullied or being a bully which can quickly amount to a fight. Always keep an eye on what your pooch is up to and never lose sight of them.


Always pick up after your dog. Bring bags with you even if your local park supplies them. Failing to pick up after your pooch can get you banned from the park or even fined.


Never give another person’s dog a treat without asking them first. Some dogs have allergies and can be on a special diet. Also, keep your pooches toys well away form other dogs. Dogs can be protective of their property and may lash out at another dog if they try and pick it up.

There you have it. If everyone keeps these tips in mind, dog parks can be enjoyed by all. With baiting and fighting on the rise we all need to keep an eye out for each other and be vigilant of our beloved pooches. No one wants to lose a pet when it can easliy be avoided.

See below for a list of local dog parks and the amenities that they provide.

By Brooke Damen


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August 10, 2017 |

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